Queen's University Karate Club

Rules of the Dojo

1. All members will adhere to Karate etiquette as detailed at bottom of page.

2. Uniforms should be kept clean at all times.

3. Toenails and fingernails must be kept cut short at all times to avoid injury.

4. Watches, rings, necklaces and other jewelery may not be worn during training or competitions

5. Members must not teach karate to anyone outside the club without the chief instructor's permission

6. If you get involved in a fight outside of the club and must use karate to defend yourself, you must report the matter as soon as possible after the incident.

7. No grudges will be held between club members, and members will under no circumstances try to injure others in training or competition.

8. Expulsions from class by the instructor are final.

9. Fees and Dues must be paid on tile. Late payment may result in your not being allowed to train until all the fees and dues are paid.
Continual tardiness in payment of dues may result in your membership being revoked.

10. Violations of these rules, if considered serious enough or if repeated may result in the revoking of your membership.<

* Karatedo practice begins and ends with courtesy. In training, both partners are, in fact, trying to improvethemselves and each other. They must therefore control themselves to avoid any risk or injury. The true goal of karatedo is to win without hurting the opponent; that is the meaning of the bow which precedes and follows every act in karatedo. 
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